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first renders

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one of the old projects

Luxury coupe
We asked ourselves, how a modern individual, caring for their comfort and time, could spend a time of journey on the train? For example, it’s been a long time since avia carriers think about passengers’ convenience, improving plane interiors, organizing free time and providing extra-class onboard service. When choosing a train, for relatively small price an individual gets reliability, safety and a lot of time that they are to organize by themselves.

Exactly for this individual, who doesn’t want to waste time during the trip, we work out our concept train, and the first part of it – a 7-compartment palace car.

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bentley - marker render

pegas interior


City green-taxi

This is a project of green-taxi. The solution of ecological problems not only make life in cities more healthy and pleasant, but also enhance the status of the city that has used this type of transport.

The aim of the project Eco TAXI: improving the urban environment, improving the comfort of urban traffic, making transport a new face in the form of environmentally friendly cars.

These problems are solved ECO TAXI - minibus, analog Gazelles. Scope: shuttle bus, school minibus, sightseeing bus for preservation and parks, the car is the postal service, Distribution van, etc.

Interior ECO TAXI - A light and comfortable interior, making travel in public transport comfortable and pleasant, low-floor ensures easy entry and exit, and gives passengers the opportunity to stand in the cabin of a full-length. All of this allows a person to get to work in a good mood and increase efficiency

formula student

Problem: make a new design of a body for a racing team FS MADI .